Announcing the new Power BTE Hearing Systems

Newest high performance hearing devices available for adults and children offer full power in all performance classes

June 30, 2011 – Minneapolis, MN  – HANSATON USA now offers the world’s first choice for high performance hearing solutions. HANSATON’s AURIGA, VENETO, LUMEO and CEMIA Power BTEs are ideal for all those who need more support from their hearing aid. Gain of up to 75dB gives these new strongmen full power in all performance classes of HANSATON hearing devices.

Whether AURIGA First Class, VENETO Business Class, LUMEO Comfort Class or CEMIA Economy Class, the new Power BTE devices offer a suitable system for all audiologic requirements and lifestyle needs.. With features such as Speech Beam (AURIGA only), Active Feedback Block 2G and Situation Optimizer, even those with severe hearing loss can once again hear and understand conversation at a high level.

“Simply put, some hearing aid wearers need an even higher performance solution. The new Power BTE series offers world-class technology for patients with high demands for gain and output,” said Jerry Yanz, Director of Audiology for HANSATON USA.

The Bluetooth-enabled remote controls from HANSATON make multimedia a pure pleasure. Both the Media Remote and the soon-to-be-available small, lightweight HANSATON miniMedia Remote transmit audio signals automatically and provide all functions of a standard remote control.  In addition, they synchronize all modern audio and entertainment devices with the hearing systems.  The new Power BTE systems can also operate with a standard remote control, the easy to use, discreet eMote2 .

With their elegant design and extended color palette, the AURIGA, VENETO, LUMEO and CEMIA technology levels from HANSATON are excellent choices for adult and pediatric fittings. Eight natural colors and five fresh tones for children provide an attractive selection for every hearing aid wearer.


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