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AQ  Rechargeables
AQ – Optimum Freedom.
Maximum comfort with no need to change batteries. The latest rechargeable battery technology from HANSATON.

A single innovation changes the experience of an entire generation: with the AQ hearing aids, you never have to think about batteries, thanks to the world’s finest rechargeable battery technology available in a custom, receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) version and Slim models.

Cumbersome battery changes, tiny operating controls and worrying whether the power will hold out are all things of the past: AQ hearing aids are incredibly easy to recharge in their charging station – do it overnight when you're not using them.

No extra costs due to buying batteries, plus the feel-good factor that comes with supporting environmentally friendly rechargeable battery technology. Your commitment to HANSATON is worth that little bit extra: we will plant a tree for every AQ hearing aid purchased.

Energy at the ready throughout the day:
AQ hearing aids are charged easily and reliably overnight in your charging station and allow you to enjoy even a long day without any worry!

Smart investment in optimum comfort:
No more annoying battery changes and tiny operating controls – instead HANSATON offers you a 5-year rechargeable battery warranty!

Trees instead of batteries:
Never buy batteries again – HANSATON supports your commitment to environmentally friendly rechargeable battery technology by planting a tree for each HQ hearing aid!
Plant For The Planet
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