AQ Rechargeables

A Small Sensation: Artistically Invisible and Technically Revolutionary.

Genuinely customized – your hearing aid professional takes a cast of your ear canal to produce an ITE system. Your tailored housing is manufactured based on this ITE cast at the HANSATON hearing aid plant. This is done with digital precision in a few days.

A unique product equipped with your requested technology emerges from this process, providing a perfect fit and optimal support.

CEMIA ITE hearing aids are available in four different designs. The smallest version, the CIC, is virtually invisible and is even suitable for those with severe hearing loss. Two variants of the smallest ITE housings are new: the CIC Open with its better ventilation and the CIC Power with its improved support shall appear. Ask your hearing aid professional about it!

Small works of art: the individually hand crafted "LEGANCE" surface uncannily mimics the skin’s natural structure.


Experience a new generation of In-The-Ear hearing aids.

  • Maximum venting (air channel system for optimum ventilation) for unrivaled wearing comfort
  • Anti-cerumen concepts to protect the sensitive technology
  • Express digital manufacturing service
  • Suitable for everything ranging from mild to profound hearing losses
  • With right/left side identification
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