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Cutting edge design in smallest possible form.
A tiny gem of a hearing instrument!

With X-Micro, HANSATON‘s developers have written a new chapter in the design of ultra-compact hearing instruments. Elegant and convenient, with superb accents and unassailable technology.

X-Micro technology at a glance

  • XearA platform represents a new era in hearing instrument processing.
  • First-class comfort and performance for mild to profound hearing loss.
  • Revolutionary digital signal processing with Automatic Speech Beam and Natural Sound optimizes hearing comfort and speech comprehension.
  • Sound Restore frequency compression shifts high-frequency speech sounds into an audible range.
  • Conversation Lift raises speech further above the noise than typical directional systems.
  • Situation Optimizer categorizes the input and immediately adapts to every situation.
  • Acclimatization Manager leads you smoothly from your current hearing experience to ideal understanding of speech.
  • Feedback X eliminates disturbing feedback without artifacts.
  • Real HiFi and Artificial HiFi extend the frequency range for an even more brilliant sound quality.
  • Sound Impulse Management enhances listening comfort without disturbance from transient signals.
X-Micro instrument at a glance
  • Excellent sound performance in a stylish, robust and ergonomic design.
  • Full flexibility – suitable for almost every ear and hearing loss: available in four lengths (0, 1, 2, 3) and four power levels (45, 55, 60 and 65 dB peak gain in 2cc coupler).
  • Connector design prevents damage from corrosion and humidity.
  • Easy left/right identification.
  • Effective double wax protection system.
  • Click Domes and Click Molds remain unchanged from the last generation.
Seven Elegant colors

Introducing the new miniReceiver 2.0
X-Micro hearing instruments use the next generation of external receivers – miniReceiver 2.0.

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