Good hearing enhances your life – HANSATON is there for you.

Thankfully, almost no one has to do without good hearing. Intelligent technologies from HANSATON allow people to enjoy life with all their senses once again. In addition, HANSATON solutions place great emphasis on ensuring that the individual is happy with his or her hearing aid. Look around and discover the HANSATON hearing aid that’s right for you.

XearA Technology

NEW: XearA Technology by HANSATON

The newest generation of hearing instruments delivers the future of hearing today for those who want to get more out of life. Technology made to inspire. Sophisticated, innovative and custom-tailored.

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Hearing Aids

2012 Technology Family by HANSATON

The 2012 generation offers multiple levels of hearing system technology to satisfy all audiologic requirements, stylistic preferences and a collection of prestigious design awards to delight your customers.

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HANSATON USA | Hearing & Emotions. More out of life.HANSATON USA | Hearing & Emotions. More out of life.
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Available now! The unique HANSATON hearing aid with rechargeable battery technology. (more...)

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