Good hearing enhances your life – HANSATON is there for you.

Thankfully, almost no one has to do without good hearing. Intelligent technologies from HANSATON allow people to enjoy life with all their senses once again. In addition, HANSATON solutions place great emphasis on ensuring that the individual is happy with his or her hearing aid. Look around and discover the HANSATON hearing aid that’s right for you.

easeHD - Hearing with ease

easeHD Technology by HANSATON

Discover the new ease of hearing in HD

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Hearing with ease

ease Technology by HANSATON

Hearing with ease means being surrounded by dear clear speech and a pleasant sounding world.

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AQ Rechargeables by HANSATON

AQ Rechargeables by HANSATON

Freedom at the absolutely highest level with inductive charging technology, a five-year rechargeable battery guarantee, and an outstanding design.

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HANSATON USA | Hearing & Emotions. More out of life.HANSATON USA | Hearing & Emotions. More out of life.
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Hansaton AQ Charger

Mobile and active with AQ.
Available now! The unique HANSATON hearing aid with rechargeable battery technology. (more...)

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